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  1. Check Registers

    You can view current and past city check registers.

  2. City of McKinney Jobs

    Find information about available city jobs and how to apply.

  3. Comprehensive Plan

    View the entire Comprehensive Plan for the City of McKinney, including the Land Use Plan.

  4. Contact Information

    Find contact information in our staff directory.

  5. Council Agendas / Districts

    Find out about the City Council and access agendas and district maps.

  6. Development Reports

    This page offers reports on permit activity, building activity, development trends and general characteristics.

  7. GIS Information

    Access various maps and mapping resources.

  8. Historic Downtown McKinney

    See what downtown has to offer - there's something for everyone.

  9. Library

    Browse this page for a look at all the resources available at your public library.

  10. Location & Maps

    Find useful maps for visitors and city residents.

  11. Main Street Events

    Discover McKinney Main Street festivals and events throughout the year on McKinney's historic downtown square.

  12. McKinney Partnerships

    Read more about city partnerships that ensure our unique nature and continue to develop the economic vitality of our city.

  13. News

    Find the latest city-related news and updates.

  14. Online Payments

    You can make certain payments to the City of McKinney online.

  15. Parks Events

    View upcoming Parks and Recreation events on our calendar.

  16. Performing Arts Center

    Discover all that's available at the McKinney Performing Arts Center.

  17. Permits

    Find city permits listed here.

  18. Public Information Request

    Submit an Open Records Request

  19. Recycling / Trash Info

    Find important waste information for residents.

  20. Road Construction

    Learn more about current and future road construction projects.

  21. Traffic Ticket Options

    Pay your municipal court fines, costs and fees securely through our online system.

  22. Water Bill Payments

    Pay your city utility bills online.

  23. Water Management Plan

    Find current watering guidelines for the City of McKinney.