Citizen Survey

2014 Citizen Survey

A recent City of McKinney citizen survey confirmed that the 2014 designation as the best place to live in the country is justified. Nearly every respondent, or 96%, reported they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the quality of life in McKinney. These results mirror the sentiments of citizens when surveyed in 2010.

From quality of life and neighborhood safety to city services and programs, residents gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about how their city and tax dollars serve them. The summary report provides a brief overview of the survey. The phone survey cumulative results and the online survey cumulative results. offer more detailed information.

During a work session on Jan. 26, City Council was presented the findings of the survey, which provides a statistically accurate analysis from phone interviews and also includes online responses. Watch the video or view the presentation for more details about the survey. The survey results, in conjunction with the city's performance measurement outcomes, will be used by City Council and city staff to analyze the effectiveness, responsiveness and value of city services.

2010 Citizen Survey

The City of McKinney conducted a survey in 2010 to judge citizen satisfaction with the overall quality of life in the community. At 96%, nearly every respondent stated they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the quality of life in McKinney. The survey of McKinney residents revealed that the national media ranking the city as one of the best places to live is justified, especially considering the rapid growth the city faced from 2000 to 2010. Results from the 2010 survey are available in the form of cumulative results and in a Summary Report.